How to Write Headlines That Sell, Even The Brooklyn Bridge!

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Hey…Got a Bridge You Want to Sell?

booklyn bridge saledownloadHow important are headlines? Your headline is the most important component of your website. Why? Because headlines are the only reason people stop to look at your site. If your headline doesn’t speak directly to your visitor’s wants or satisfies a need…

Guess what?

Your visitor will click the back button…

Let’s face it. The internet is crammed with billions of pages – yes, billions of other people’s websites vying for your visitor’s attention.  Too bad you’ve only literally got 3 seconds to catch your visitor’s attention.


Because your visitor has the attention span of a gnat.

Why Are Headlines So Important?

typewriter d9388725c2fdd832117b1d9ff9f752e1In order to learn how to craft headlines that make your products fly off the shelf, you’ve got to understand the importance of the headline.

Listen closely. The SOLE purpose of your headline is to solve your visitor’s problem, relieve pain, offer compelling information, help your visitor achieve a goal, and/or fulfill a desire.

In other words, your headline should convey a benefit or promise to your target audience.

And the rest of your copy should deliver on your headline’s promise. If your headline fails to capture your reader’s attention, it won’t matter how great the rest of the copy is because your reader will be long gone.

Don’t Toot Your Own Horn in the Headline…Nobody Cares!

toot your own horndownloadFirst and foremost, your headline must be included in the first screen — above the fold. Above the fold means before you have to scroll down the page.

A lot of internet marketers waste that space placing the name of their company or logo above the fold.

Or they talk about themselves or their company.  Customers don’t want to hear about your company.

They want to know what you can do for them.

Writing about your company in the headline won’t get you the sale. Tooting your company’s horn is unnecessary, unless you’re doing it for branding purposes.

Okay. So you’re not writing for branding purposes. You’re writing because you want to rake in tons of dough from your site. How do you write a great headline?

6 Components of a Great Headline…

1. Speak to a specific audience
2. Utilize a specific angle
3. Deliver a promise
4. Cause intrigue and mystery
5. Appeal to emotions
6. Promise to Solve a Problem

Remember, people are either looking to avoid pain, or gain pleasure. Most people would rather avoid pain than gain pleasure. So your headline should demonstrate how your product or service can either eliminate your visitor’s pain or give them pleasure.

How to Write Headlines That Sell in 3 Steps

Want to learn how to write headlines that sell? David Ogilvy, author of Confessions of an Advertising Man, swears by this method.

1. Write 30-50 headlines before you decide which one you want to use.

2. Take a 24-hour break and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes.

3. Ask yourself some scrutinizing questions like, “Can this headline be better?” “Is this the best headline, given my goals, given my target audience’s needs, and given the product I’m selling?”


Last, but not least, don’t take the lazy man’s way out. Seriously. If you want to learn how to write headlines that sell like crazy, you’ve got to put the work in – or hire a web copywriter. Like I said, if your visitor doesn’t stay for the headline, you might as well throw the rest of the copy in the garbage!